• Course Topics

    • Moving from Self-Employed to Business Ownership
    • Vision, Values and Strategy
    • Finance
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Operations
    • Leadership

  • Duration: 7 weeks
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    PCA Business Accelerator

    A subject matter expert driven course, where industry leaders help you grow and professionalize your paint contracting business. 
    • Minimize expensive mistakes
    • Maximize your business growth
    • Share experiences with other contractors in a cohort setting


    • 7 Weekly, One Hour Cohort Meetings
      6 Course Chapters
    • 1 Completion Certificate
    • 48 Questions
    • 48 Videos
    •  PDFs

    Structured Learning

    Learners will complete course chapters online at their own pace. A video conference with an assigned cohort group will increase engagement and accountability. Each cohort is facilitated by an industry professional. 


    Subject matter experts featured in course videos appear as guests on a rotating basis with the group cohorts to answer direct questions and offer guidance. All of the experts featured in the course series can be contacted for additional questions and many can be contracted for one-on-one coaching.